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2023 HIP HOP Conference
Call for Papers

Past, Present, and Future

Dates: August 10-11, 2023

(Howard University, Washington, DC)

Proposals for papers and panels are now being accepted for the 2023 Hip Hop Symposium- HIP HOP 50: Past, Present, & Future. We are looking for applicants who’s work in theory and practice can help us define and contextualize what it means to contribute to  Hip Hop culture. Hip Hop Studies as a discipline reveals the place of Hip Hop in the evolution of Black music and culture in America. It also reveals the economic, social, and political factors that have shaped Hip Hop culture globally, and how Hip Hop culture has shaped economics, society, and politics globally. 

The Howard Hip Hop Symposium is a culmination of a series of campus related events leading up to the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Hip-Hop.  The two day event will include live graffiti art, DJs, MCs, breakdances, and visual presentation ending in culminating of a Block Party of live performances. 


Performers & Artists 

We invite submissions from performers that are hip hop artists to include but not limited to MCs, DJs, dancers (individual and/or groups), break dancers, graffiti artists, fashion designers, and photographers.

Please include your artist/group information, links to websites showcasing your work, and/or performance videos.

PLEASE NOTE: We are only able to accept a limited number of performers. We will only accept submissions from artists who provide samples of their work.


Papers & Panels 

We invite proposals for papers and panels that examine Hip Hop culture or Hip Hop Studies in new and interesting ways. We are especially looking for proposals that engage the following topics, though this list is not comprehensive. 

Please submit up to a 300-word proposal for a presentation of scholarly work, panel discussion, or a round table. Please include the type of presentation you are proposing, any technical requirements plus name and contact information. 

If you have any questions contact



● Intersections of Hip Hop and Pedagogy 

● Rap Music, Hip Hop Culture, and Space/Place 

● Theoretical approaches to Hip Hop 

● Rap, Hip Hop, and Academic Disciplinarily 

● Rhetorical Approaches to Rap Music and Hip Hop Culture 

● Rap, Hip Hop, and Film/Documentary 

● Hip Hop Subjectivities/Agency 

● Anthropological/Sociological approaches to Hip Hop Culture 

● Economics and Hip Hop Culture 

● Hip Hop Aesthetics 

● Hip Hop History 

● Intersections of Hip Hop and Religion/Theology 

● Hip Hop and Technology 

● Indigenous Cultures and Hip Hop 

● Colorism in Hip Hop Expressions 

● Hip Hop and Issues in the Music Industry 

● Women and Hip Hop 

● Hip Hop and Politics

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