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Astor Chambers Headshot_edited.jpg

Astor Chambers

"State of Hip Hop Studies and Culture" Speaker

Astor Chambers is a cultural architect who is looking to unlock the greatness that lies within all of us. Astor is internationally recognized as an accomplished marketer, public speaker, and brand consultant with over 25+ years’ experience in the sports & entertainment fields with a proficient understanding of the mindset of today’s consumer, trendsetters, and influencers. Astor has held multiple leadership roles at major brands: NIKE, APPLE, Adidas, and more. During his career he’s had an opportunity to work with many influential icons: Beyoncé, Michael Jordan, Pharrell Williams and Yara Shahidi while developing some of the internationally impactful brands: IVY Park x Adidas, Jordan Brand, Billionaire Boys Club, and more.


Astor has not only worked in very distinct cultural environments, he has also played a significant role in shaping some of the most impactful cultures while being raised within very diverse cultures. All of these experiences have allowed him to be an authority on the importance of how we care for and position cultures accordingly, this has informed his WHY behind creating Culture Raises US.


Astor has been recognized with several awards and recognition press like being featured in the EBONY Power 100 list as well as the recipient of the Black Innovator Award by IMPACT Magazine. These accolades are small indications of the work that Astor does around the collective upliftment and elevation for marginalized communities/society at large.


At an early stage of his life, Astor gained a strong sense for the beauty of diversity by being born and raised in New York City, attending LaGuardia HS of the Performing Arts and attending an HBCU. Astor also has a deep value for family. After years of success at corporate brand mogul NIKE, he chose to leave to manage his daughter who sings/acts and had an opportunity at the age of 10 years old to be on Broadway in the Andrew Lloyd Webber production “School of Rock” The Musical. This was a key part of leaning into his purpose of bringing value to others by pouring into them over himself.


A father of 3 daughters, Astor takes the “girl dad” title to heart and is constantly looking at ways to make sure his work is impacting the world in a positive form so his daughters can be their unapologetic authentic selves.


Astor is an innovator, optimist, energy giver, connector, motivator and thought partner who is always looking to exceed the expectations of what defines success.

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